Friday, February 5, 2010

Make $50 for doing almost nothing at ING Direct - Open a no fee electric orange checking account

ING Direct is offering you $50 for opening an electric orange checking account along with an interest rate as high as 1.45%APY!

There are no minimum balances or time requirements for your account to be open for this offer (like other banks usually tie to the offer). The only things you must do are:
*Open the account by 2/28/10
*Fund the account (no minimum amount)
*Use the reference code EL627 when you open it
*Make 3 signature transactions in the first 45 days (like buying coffee at Starbucks)

On the 50th day, ING puts $50 in your account!!

You can then close it out if you want and keep the $50. I like ING and hold several account with them. While I may eventually close the account, I won't do it right after my bonus. Having a checking account at ING that I can instantly fund with another ING account may be useful.

**PERSONAL NOTE**I opened this account for myself today with $50 so in 50 days, I'll have made 100% return on my money in addition to the regular interest I earn.

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